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Gourmet Ice Cubes
Ice Machine series : AC – CD – MC
The Scotman thimble –shaped,patented 'Gourmet' ice cube is pure,hard,compact (with no holes),crystal clear and slow melting. Its fast chilling action and slow dilution make drinks taste better and greatly enhance drink appeal and quality. Gourmet ice cubes are formed by spraying water onto a subcooled horizontal evaporator. While the purest water molecules – the first to freeze – from the ice cubes, oncoming spray water washes away unfrozen water mineral that would otherwise start clouding the forming ice. They instead fall back in the water sump, and are removed with the water that is flushed out prior to starting a new freezing cycle. The Gourmet cube is therefore purer than the water that it is formed from!

With threedifferent sizes and weights Scotsman offers a wide range to choose from and a type of ice to meet any requirement in terms of ease of use and quality results.
AC 46
Capacity : kg./day
AC 106
Capacity : 38 kg./day
AC 206
Capacity : 80.5 kg./day